Time Name(Classroom 203) Time Name(Classroom 228)
11:00 Pēteris Caune. Building an Open-source Django Side-project Into a Business; 11:00 Sarah Diot Girard and Stéphanie Bracaloni. From ML experiments to production: versioning and reproducibility with MLV-tools
11:30 Steph Samson. Tooling with Poetry 11:30 Justin Shenk. Pitfalls of emotion detection from video in production
12:00 Coffee 12:00 Coffee
13:00 Migle Gabrielaite. Can python help save lifes? 13:00 Jan Pipek. Fun with histograms and the physt library
13:30 Eivydas Vilčinskas. System Administrators: to Python or not to Python 13:30 Radovan Kavicky. Data Science in Python: Past, Present and Future
14:00 Lunch 14:00 Lunch
15:00 Ibukun Oluwayomi. Aspect Oriented Programming in Python 15:00 Valentas Gružauskas. Agent-based Modelling and Reinforcement Learning for Route Scheduling: Integrating Open Source Software
15:30 Albertas Gimbutas. Auto Mock External Dependencies in Python Tests 15:30 Maciej Marek. Data Science at PMI - The Tools of The Trade
16:00 Coffee 16:00 Coffee
16:30 Hynek Schlawack. How to write deployment friendly application 16:30 Marcin Szymaniuk. PySpark - Data intensive processing in practice
17:00 Hynek Schlawack. How to write deployment friendly application 17:00 Tomasz Chabinka. Embeddings: advanced dimension reduction technique in practice
17:30 Lightning talks 17:30 Lightning
18:00 End 18:00 End