We are happy to announce that we are now accepting talk proposals for our PyconLT 2019 on May 25-26 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Read on to learn more about the goals of the conference and what we look for in talk proposals.

Here you can find a proposal form.

The goal of the conference is to gather python enthusiasts of all levels to connect, learn from each other and generally nerd about all the things we love about python.

Python is known to be both beginner friendly and active in many many field such as web development, sysadmin, devops, infosec; and PyData is a community of users and developers of open source data tools, where python is together with, R and Julia and other open source data language users. So PyconLT will have two tracks dedicated to Web/Devops and PyData. Conference will last for 3 days including workshops on Friday and traditional talk sessions during the main conference days May 25-26.

Everyone is welcome to speak at PyconLT, we are looking for people willing to share their knowledge. The main requirements are experience and interest in topics. We are looking for talks ranging from introductory to advanced  level. If you are reading this and you are interested in speaking in PyconLT, we want you to submit a proposal. Here are some topic ideas:


Important dates:


PyconLT does not want travel expenses to stop you from submitting a proposal, and offers speaker grants to ensure that anyone can speak at PyconLT. As we have limited budget for speaker grants, the amount that we will offer to cover will depend on quality of your application and how much your participation would contribute to diversity of the event. When you will be filling proposal form, check the box to indicate if you require a speaker grant. This won't be seen by the proposal reviewers and does not affect the review of your proposal.